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mussels and muscles






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2020 年に設立された、オーストリア・ウィーン拠点のジュエリーレーベル。



mussels and muscles は、類稀なデザインに加え、サステナブルなライフタイルも支持する。


In 2020 Lea Köhn founded the jewelry label Mussels and Muscles, based in Vienna.

Lea’s background, studying sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, can be seen in her designs. In the field of tension between art and design her pieces once materialise through reduced clearness and elegance, once through opulent minimalism. The creative process starts with conceptual considerations evolving into wearable pieces.

Her jewelry is forming a close relation with the wearers body, creating an interaction. Like this the Spring Earcuff might at first just be a simple line in space, a parable, that only in liaison with ones ear obtains elegant playfulness, becoming a part of the wearers body, seemingly growing from it. The object loses its metallic rigidity, is mobilised through the wearers movements, lines start to curve.

Minimalism that learns to dance.

In addition to extraordinary design, mussels and muscles stands for a sustainable way of life. each piece is handmade with recycled and responsibly sourced sterling silver and gold. other raw materials like gemstones and pearls are high quality leftovers that are hand selected, up-cycled and curved by local artisans or come from one of vienna's many antique stores.

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